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Ethic Recruit are totally transparent with temporary rates and will always work to meet various budgets requirements. We also have a clear permanent fee structure where you will never pay more than 15% for a fully qualified Teacher appointment. We also have preferential rates for companies that agree to work with us as a preferred supplier. Please contact us for further information on our rate card, preferred supplier terms or the services we offer.

We also have a high volume of permanent candidates that are referred to us, therefore, we have candidates on our books that many other agencies won’t have, so it is always worth coming to us, under no obligation, if you are struggling to find the quality or quantity of suitable candidates for a particular vacancy.

Additionally, we appreciate that our clients are busy – therefore Ethic Recruit are not like other education recruitment agencies that ‘cold call’. We value our clients and are always happy to hear from them and all our consultants are available at any point on their mobiles or by email.

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