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Ethic Recruit prides itself on the quality of it’s consultants, resourcers and support staff. Every member of staff who joins us will have had experience within their particular field, lending itself to smooth transitions where staff are able to assist with not only finding the perfect candidate, but also help with recruitment strategies and resolutions. We invest in their continued professional development, keeping up to date with educational and current affairs to constantly evolve, shaping ourselves around our clients and candidates requirements. For further information on working with us, please click here.

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Ethic Recruit prides itself on the quality of its consultants, resourcers and support staff. Every member of staff who joins us will have had experience within their particular field, lending itself to smooth transitions where staff are able to assist with not only finding the perfect candidate, but also help with recruitment strategies and resolutions. We invest in their continued professional development, keeping up to date with educational and current affairs to constantly evolve, shaping ourselves around our clients and candidates requirements. For further information on working with us, please click HERE.

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Lowenna Roe 

Previous to establishing and developing Ethic Recruit into the successful business it is today, Lowenna worked as an executive at Mercedes Benz UK, where working for a prestige brand for four years, she learnt how to deliver the highest levels of customer service. Following this, she made the move into Education Recruitment in 2012. Starting as a trainee Recruitment Consultant she moved her way up into middle management by 2016. She specialised in the appointment of both temporary and permanent staff within the Secondary sector with clients in North East London, Essex and Hertfordshire. Since setting up Ethic Recruit, Lowenna has enjoyed volunteering in local Schools in order to help get an inside understanding of School Structure and what Schools require from their staff.

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Lucy Sinclair 

Lucy joined Ethic Recruit in 2020 and brings with her a wealth of experience. After starting her career in education recruitment back in 2009, working alongside Lowenna, the Managing Director at Ethic Recruit, she worked her way up to middle Manager covering both temporary and permanent positions. In 2017 she moved over to the Veterinary sector as Practice Manager where she worked alongside a team of 24 staff, from Administrators to Directors. She restructured all administration processes, implemented formatting systems, trained all new staff and undertook monthly and annual appraisals. She was also appointed Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, a role which she will continue at Ethic Recruit along with being the Mental Health First Aider. Alongside this, Lucy will be training all new staff within the business whilst also managing some of our biggest client Secondary Schools in South West London.

"I joined Ethic Recruit because I wanted an opportunity to have a successful career that also offered a good work-life balance, in past roles it has had to be a choice between one or the other. We have a brilliant team, everyone gets on, supports each other and works together, which is a breath of fresh air. For the first time in my career, I feel like my efforts are appreciated and properly rewarded and I do not take my work home with me."

"Lucy has been incredibly supportive on a personal and professional level. She has been extremely helpful, she’s just lovely. I keep meaning to thank her for her card. It was a lovely boost of confidence".

- Victoria, History Teacher

Claire Thomas

Claire joined Ethic Recruit in 2021 as the Vetting and Contracts manager. With extensive previous experience in administration, including fourteen years working at Turo and Penwith College, Claire brings a wealth of knowledge to the role. Like a true vetting wiz, Claire loves a spreadsheet and has completed additional qualifications around spreadsheet software. On top of her vetting and contracts responsibilities, Claire has taken on the role of First Aid All Rounder (FAAR) and Emergency Tic Tac provider (ETTP).  On top of her love for spreadsheets, Claire also loves sports and taking her son to sporting clubs and events.  

“I joined Ethic Recruit as I felt the culture and environment aligned with my values. The company is so committed to wellbeing, which I think is really important”.  

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Izzy Eldridge

Izzy joined Ethic Recruit in March 2020 as an Operations Assistant and brought with her a diverse set of skills making her the perfect edition in supporting the Operations Team. Izzy worked in education recruitment from 2016 until 2018 as a Consultant, covering temporary appointments within the Further Education sector. She left the role in 2018 to retrain and subsequently started her Degree in 2019. Sadly, due to the COVID pandemic, her course was delayed by a year, so whilst she waited to complete her studies, she used all of her previous knowledge to work as a Consultant with us until June 2021, then consequently staying on with the business as a part time Resourcer whilst studying. She has since gained a First Class Honours Degree in Business and Digital Marketing and has now returned full time as our Events and Marketing Manager/ Recruitment Consultant. In her spare time, you will find Izzy walking her Sausage Dog, Richmond on the cliffs or attending music events and festivals for work or fun!

"Since joining Ethic Recruit in 2020, I have not wanted to leave. Throughout my studies, I always wanted to continue working here even if it was just once every few months. They are such a great bunch to work with".

"I worked with Izzy, she was very nice and helpful throughout the whole process and interview. There was a lot of support and help with everything"

- Donna, Textiles and Fashion Teacher

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Abbie Walker

"It is because of the placement that Abbie helped me find within the Independent sector that I believe I have now secured a permanent role within this sector at a lovely School. I am really grateful for that" - Lucy, English Teacher

Abbie joined Ethic Recruit in 2021 as a Recruitment Consultant. Prior to joining the team, Abbie gained experience working in education and employability. Both of which have given her a mass of transferable skills and knowledge that she has carried into her position. Abbie has also taken on the role as Health and Wellbeing Champion where she is responsible for promoting positive health and wellbeing within the office and encouraging the team to take breaks and look after themselves. Abbie hopes to become an established Senior Consultant, someone who can support and train new colleagues within the business.  When not working, Abbie can be found walking her beloved springer ‘George’ on the beach or in the woods. She also has a passion for good food and loves Fine Dining with her husband. 

“I feel completely valued as an individual within Ethic Recruit and love the team I work with, they are supportive, friendly and I love coming to work”. 

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Elena Gibb

Elena joined Ethic Recruit in August 2022 as a Recruitment Consultant. She gained a Degree in Media, Communications and Cultural Practices in 2021 and completed her Masters in Society and Culture at Exeter University in 2022. Elena’s previous work experience has primarily been within hospitality, namely within a Boutique hotel, where she has developed a love for working with the public. This face-to-face experience, lends itself to her role with Ethic Recruit, treating her clients and candidates with a five-star service. In her spare time, Elena loves being outdoors so can often be found sea swimming or hiking along a local coastal path.  

“I have always thrived in educational environments, and have a passion for learning, so ER seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to progress into a sales role”. 

Louis Warner

Louis joined Ethic Recruit in August 2020 as a Recruitment Resourcer, as part of the Government Kickstarter Scheme. Louis quickly settled in as a valuable team member, showing a strong alignment with Ethic Recruit’s values. After completion of the six month scheme, Louis was offered a permanent role with Ethic Recruit as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. Louis then relocated to Bristol, where he continued to work in recruitment, within the International Technology sector. Whilst he enjoyed his time in Bristol, he missed the lifestyle that Cornwall affords, so returned to Ethic Recruit in 2023 as a Recruitment Consultant and we’re delighted to have him back! When Louis isn’t hard at work in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, attending festivals, listening to music and cooking.

“I joined Ethic Recruit as they care about the people they are helping to find employment and work with integrity which is important to me. It can be a rarity in our industry. Everyone in the team works hard and the office atmosphere is never dull.”

"Louis was very polite and helpful. He was very organised and always responded in good time when I contacted him. Everything discussed was very clear and he passed information in a kind way".

- Maria, SEN Teacher

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Nicole Hodson

Nicole joined Ethic Recruit in 2021 as the chief resourcer for the team. Previously a Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management student, Nicole brings an amazing energy which has allowed her to build strong relationships with both her candidates and the Ethic Recruit team. Over the past year, Nicole has been teaching English to students from China and Japan which she finds extremely rewarding. This teaching experience means she has gained a good understanding of what makes a committed and passionate teacher and in turn, a valuable candidate. Although Nicole has no extra responsibility yet, she hopes to build and guide her own team of resourcers as the business grows. In her spare time Nicole enjoys sea swimming, reading, listening to music from around the world and cooking new dishes from different countries.  

“It is rare to find such an ideal fit for a workplace and the people within it; working here is the first time I have felt truly able to grow professionally while being supported by great teammates who are honest, transparent, kind and positively hardworking”. 

"Nicole was very nice and followed up with me when I was still looking. Even after a long time, since I got my first call in January"

Sudip - Science Teacher 

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Will Hawkins

Will joined Ethic Recruit in August 2022 as a Recruitment Resourcer. Prior to joining the team, Will completed a level 3 extended diploma in ICT at Sixth Form College. He has proved himself to be hardworking in the past, progressing from Kitchen Porter to Chef after just a year with a previous employer. Working in a Care Home throughout the Covid Pandemic as part of a small but supportive team highlighted the importance of work environment to Will. After relocating to Falmouth in June 2022, he discovered Ethic Recruit and was excited by the opportunity to embark upon a recruitment career. Outside of work, Will can be found spending time with his partner or socialising with his friends at the pub or on the beach.  

“I wanted to work at Ethic Recruit because I agree with the company values. I look forward to progressing in my role and being good at what I do.” 

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Kate Nancholas

Kate joined Ethic Recruit in August 2022 as an Operations Assistant and Customer Service Apprentice. Kate’s previous work experience has been in customer service, based within large corporations, so she had identified this as an area she had a particular interest in. Kate’s role at Ethic Recruit is to ensure we provide an exceptional service to our candidates and clients, and to collaborate alongside management to strategise ways to continuously improve our services. When Kate completes her apprenticeship next year, she hopes to have improved her skills and knowledge and progress within the Company. In her spare time Kate enjoys socialising with friends and watching her favourite movies and shows. She also has a keen interest in video editing and loves attending live concerts. 

“I was interested in working for Ethic Recruit because of the morals and values it holds, which are different from other recruiting companies. I am benefitting from not only a position at Ethic Recruit, but also gaining an apprenticeship” 

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