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Pink Day

On Friday 21st October we showed our support for Breast Cancer Now by encouraging the team to wear pink for the day.

For each team member wearing something pink we donated £5 to this great cause. We also got everyone involved in some games including, Pin the hat on the line (very similar to pin the tail on the donkey), the Wear it Pink Sweepstake and we took a guess at how many calls the amazing helpline nurses take each year.

Some of the team found the pinning the hat on the line, easier than others and Kate walked away with the winning title. The 'Wear it Pink Sweepstake' involved all the team picking an image. Lucy was the winner of this one.

The total amount of calls received was a whopping 10,345 so Claire was the winner of this one with the closest guess of 18,250 calls.

Nicole was the resident baker for the day, making this tasty 'boob cake' for us all to enjoy. Everyone donated a little more money to have a slice.

We are so proud of what we achieved - raising a total of £137.80!!

Putting money back into our local community and charities is something we care a lot about in our business. Cancer impacts almost everyone in some way so we were so happy to be involved in raising money for this amazing cause.

Ethic Recruit. x

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